Real Estate Property Negotiation Services

At the core of our Buyer Broker engagement services is Realty Investment Advisors Private Brokerage's fiduciary responsibility to you, our Buyer client.  Our fiduciary responsibility to you is one of confidentiality, accountability, reasonable care and skill, loyalty, lawful obedience, advocacy, and full disclosure

Once we find the Property, the work just begins.  We then negotiate the best possible price and terms from the Seller, we arrange suitable financing (including pre-approvals) for you, and we work with you until the property is secured with a Contract.  Engaging RIA will facilitate your transaction through initiating our deployment of the latest in real estate Blockchain technology to expedite a "smart", secure contract for you, to cut down on your escrow process, to speed your money transfers, and to enhance the security of your real estate records.

Upon ratification of the Contract, we continue to work with and coordinate the activities of local repairmen, tradesmen, suppliers, inspectors, attorneys, loan officers, and other professionals engaged in your purchase, until the Property's closing when you are handed the keys.