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PEPCO Unveils $15 Million Transportation Electrification Program for Washington, D.C.

“PEPCO, the sole electric company in the District of Columbia, recently unveiled a $15 Million Transportation Program aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of the city’s drivers and making charging infrastructure available to all residents.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has made the growth of electrified transportation options a priority for the city, noting that the transportation sector contributes more than 20% of the District’s carbon emissions. Plug-in vehicles (PIV) represent approximately 0.23% of the market, according to PEPCO, compared with the national average of 1.2%.

Of the 310,000 vehicles registered in DC, only about 720 are PIV. Reaching the 40,000 PIVs predicted to be on DC roads by 2030 will require more than 1,000 Level 2 changing plugs and 76 DC Fast Chargers, the utility said.